A variation on cutting strips

Hi there. I’ve been thinking about how to make it easier to cut strips.

Back in my first post, I’d included a link to instructions on cutting milbags. Well … I don’t actually do the whole thing — lay the folded bag on a measuring strip, pin it down with clothes pins, and then make cuts to match the marks … I just eyeball it! From time to time, I hold the folded strip against the measuring strip but … well … I just go with what seems a nice width! So, depending on how much attention I pay, I get 11 or 12 cuts per bag. That’s fine for me, as I’m still using my Phildar no.8 crochet hook. So that’s for the width of the strips.

For the actual cutting, I’m also now doing this: rather than folding (lengthwise) 4 times, I make each fold smaller, so that there are 5 of them. That still leaves a nice margin at the top, where the cuts don’t go. A narrower folded layer means you can usually just do one snip and the whole strip’s cut — rather than 2 or 3 short snips.


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