Collecting all those bags!

Collecting milkbags seems like a good idea, right? But … the logistics of saving up a bunch of plastic bags, to take to a collecting point (a church, school, community centre) start to get a bit awkward … So here are some ideas I’ve been seeing as I’ve been dumping out black garbage bags stuffed to the gills with … milkbags:

  • crumpled up into a single milkbag — this actually takes up a lot of space
  • several bags folded in half and then slid into a single milkbag — very tidy but a largish footprint
  • each bag folded 4 times and then an elastic band put around it — very tidy and a small footprint (I’ve seen up to 10 bags in a bundle)

In all cases, the bags should be clean: a stinky bag just makes all the others in contact with it smell … not nice. I usually turn the bag inside out and let the water run over it while rotating it around my arm. Then it’s upside down to drain and dry, before pulling it right side out again.

What other ways are there, esp. if they can save space while building up your collection?


P.S. I just remembered — they say not to use the BIODEGRADABLE bags.


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