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What we’ll be doing this week

Hi there, everyone. This week, we’ll be focussing on the actual crocheting of bags. You’ll get a bag with 10 strips already prepared, so you can work on your stitches and learning how to attach a new strip.

If you haven’t had a chance to buy your own no.8 hook, I have some available for 3.00 each. You can mark your hooks by putting some nail polish on the end — they’re all so grey!

See you on Thursday!

Weekly notice

Intermediate – Milkbag Mats (Training Sessions)
Try something new! Make the world a better place! Learn a skill! Go to Room 117 every Thursday: Help turn milk bags into mats and bags. How cool is that?


Thank you to _everyone_ who came today! What a treat to have so many hands doing just about all the stages that go into the milkbag project!

I hope you can all come again next week — we’ll trade around some of the prep. jobs, and I’ll be bringing some more starter strips. There were so many bags prepared today, we should be able to cut a lot of strips and give everyone a supply to work with. And that means we’ll also be learning how to attach a new strip so the ends don’t show.

If you have a chance to get/buy your own crochet hook, that would be very helpful — I don’t have any more size 8 hooks so if you can get your own and return the loaner hook, that’ll let someone else get started … until they can get their own hook. You can find hooks at Walmart, Michaels, and of course any wool/yarn store (see the15 Mar entry, below).

Again, thank you all for coming out. You got a lot done and I hope to see you all next week!

Milkbag crochet work every Thursday

Here’s the announcement from the school website:

Intermediate – Milkbag Transformation Sessions

Don’t forget: Every Thurs. (1st Break) Rm. 117. Come one, come all! There are so many different jobs to be done to prepare the milk bags…before the crocheting even begins. Our volunteer trainer is here for you!

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