Weekly notice

Intermediate – Milkbag Mats (Training Sessions)
Try something new! Make the world a better place! Learn a skill! Go to Room 117 every Thursday: Help turn milk bags into mats and bags. How cool is that?


Thank you to _everyone_ who came today! What a treat to have so many hands doing just about all the stages that go into the milkbag project!

I hope you can all come again next week — we’ll trade around some of the prep. jobs, and I’ll be bringing some more starter strips. There were so many bags prepared today, we should be able to cut a lot of strips and give everyone a supply to work with. And that means we’ll also be learning how to attach a new strip so the ends don’t show.

If you have a chance to get/buy your own crochet hook, that would be very helpful — I don’t have any more size 8 hooks so if you can get your own and return the loaner hook, that’ll let someone else get started … until they can get their own hook. You can find hooks at Walmart, Michaels, and of course any wool/yarn store (see the15 Mar entry, below).

Again, thank you all for coming out. You got a lot done and I hope to see you all next week!


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