The OCDSB Eco-Summit display

Wow! What a morning. Got a 3-panel poster done up while the students were taking in various presentations, and was ready by 10:15, when they all came streaming in. Loads of interest in the shoulder bags and sitting mats, as well as the full-sized adult bedmat.

A lot of interest as well in the prep. stages:

  • flatten 24 bags (same orientation), fold in half, store in a 25th bag. Now you have an easy way to count the bags collected. And they can be stood upright in a box that had copy paper in it — yet more recycling!
  • cut the bags into a single long strip — better than connecting loops, which always leave bumps and can be wearing on the crocheter’s hands
  • toss anything smelly — there are plenty of other bags
  • keep strips loose in a bag (maybe 10 strips per bag) rather than rolling into a ball — that can sometimes stretch the plastic and it doesn’t yield a `fluffy’ crochet product
  • collecting is good but doing more is better.

Always fun to get a student to hold one end of a strip and then walk away … and keep on walking away … it’s a visual eye-opener.

A number of documents on the poster board would be useful to have available as .pdf files. I’ll be working on that soon. For now, much of the information can be found at

I had a great time, passed on a lot of information, met many keen and curious students, and hopefully have given them lots to think about — and act upon.


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