This past school year

We’ve now had our last milkbag session and, while no bags have been finished (but a few look like they’re almost done), the students, a small core of both boys and girls, have been participating steadily.

Every week we’ve had students sorting and folding bags into sets of 25 — and now we’re adding a bag with the first stage of cuts, to show the width of the strips. It was a teacher’s suggestion to have one sample in the bag of bags, as a guide for cutting all the bags into strips — just remember — for the second stage of cuts, the scissorts must always cross the bag’s `seam’ on the diagonal, never at 90 degrees (that just gives you loops!).

And every week we’ve had other students who’ve cut the bags into strips, or brought their own crochet project to continue working the rows to their shoulder bags. Some work on their bags at lot at home, some only have time when we meet at school. But everyone who’s been participating this year has been doing the best they could. So I congratulate all of you for keeping with it.

In the fall, we’ll start up again. Think about what day(s) to meet at recess, and what you’d like to perhaps change. One idea I have is to keep the crochet work (and hooks) at school, so it’s always available each week; for those who want to do more, they can start a project at home. Also, next year we’ll learn a new project, sitting mats, which are also a project of some of the grade 8 classes. It would be marvellous if, by the end of the next school year, we had a whole stack of bags and mats, ready to ship to Haiti, all made by students from our school!

So, till the fall — thanks so much, everyone! It was a pleasure coming to school each time.


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