What’s a `dc’ stitch?!

Crochet stitches all have names. However, the names used in American patterns differ from those from England. Here’s a URL where they explain the differences in terms — and what each one really does look like:


And here’s another site, which has step-by-step pictures for the most common stitches:


All our patterns have been using a double crochet stitch (British term), which the above site describes in this way:

Insert the hook into the work, yarn over the hook and draw the yarn through the work only, yarn over hook draw the yarn through both loops on the hook.

HOWEVER … I’ve now noticed that my original shoulder bag instructions were using the `hdc’ stitch name (hdc = half double crochet), even though in reality, I was only doing a `dc’ (double crochet). I think we could try to do the real `hdc’ on a sitting mat to see if that makes it fluffier and pouffier; but I’d still continue with the `dc’ for the shoulder bag — it needs strength rather than pouffiness 🙂


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