Thickness of the milkbag plastic itself

Another thing I’ve noticed is that some bags are made of very thin plastic, which means you end up with a smaller/thinner stitch.

I was making a sleeping mat with three bands: dark blue at either end, purple in the middle. As I picked up the blue again, I noticed the purple middle looked like the mat had grown a narrower `waist’! Not good … I redid it with an even floppier stitch but it made me realise that using milkbags made of this thinner plastic has consequences. I don’t think it’s very noticeable when you’re mixing colour strips in a project but when there are large bands made of these thinner plastics, their cumulative impact can be pretty severe.

For now, I’m going to reserve the thinner plastics for the finishing borders around the mats, and for multicoloured projects.

I suppose at some point one could do an experiment with either really wide purple strips (say, 2-in wide) or using double-strips just to make them `thicker’.

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