Bag prep tips to make the crochet work flow better

So you’re flattening your bags and putting 24 into a 25th bag, to make sets that are easy to use or store for later (in a larger bag or even in one of those boxes that reams of paper come in — often lying around the photocopy room 🙂 ).

Here are some tips on preparing them one or two or even three steps further, so you can sit down to a nice long crochet session … esp. nice if you’re watching a favourite TV show!

  1. Take the time to already snip the triangles off the bottom corners, as well as the raggedy flap at the top of the bag. Do this for all the bags, even the 25th one (since the bottom hasn’t yet been slit open, it can still hold the other 24 bags-in-waiting). I myself find it easier to do this standing at the kitchen counter. Also, I get all the cutt-off bits out of the way at the same time, tossing them into a plastic bag that’s going to the recycle bin! [Aside: Here in Ottawa, almost all the Metro stores take plastic bags for recycling — maybe all Metros everywhere do this, I don’t know. But the snippets off the milkbags are as `plastic’ as anything else so recycle when/where you can. Same goes for all the stinky sticky bags that occasionally turn up … yuck!] Yes, well … back to the bags, right? OK. So now you’ve got 25 bags that are ready for cutting into strips.
  2. Of course, you can go ahead to the next preparation step … this is where you slit the bottom of all but the 25th bag (that one still needs to hold the other 24) and then do the first cutting stage: fold lengthwise 4-5 times and make 10-11 snips (depending on your project) through the folds but NOT to the edge. Put the 24 `fringed’ bags into the 25th and set aside till you’re ready to do the next step.
  3. And the last bit of prep, before you can actually start crocheting, is the final cutting into the one long continues strip. I’ll often sit in front of the TV and do this second cutting stage on all the bags in my bag … and then I can start crocheting like the blazes 🙂 Yeah!

So I guess the long and short of it is: take a set of bags and prepare them all to the same point, so that eventually you’re sitting down with 24 strips ready to crochet. Smoothing out the `bumps’, as it were, makes me more likely to crochet a lot more than if I were to do all stages to a single bag, crochet that strip, then start again from the beginning with the next milkbag.

Happy crocheting!


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