A productive year

I had to finally `give up’ all the mats and bags I’d been crocheting for the past year — taking up too much space … and it was time. So I took ’em all outside a couple of weekends ago, to take a few photos of such a gaudy display in the fall garden 🙂  My tally: 2 sleeping mats, 17 sitting mats, and 14 shoulder bags … no wonder they weren’t able to hide anymore behind my wingback chair! I’ve kept a few bags back as they’re just too handy for storing supplies and teaching materials. It’s easier to see the different patterns in the mats, which were also laid out in a swirl pattern.

I’ve had fun, that’s for sure. And it’s still fun — my latest bag’s going to have a red base, some other colour for the main part, and I think red again for the top rows and shoulder straps. So, keep crocheting, play with colours, and and pass the pleasure along.

A pinwheel of shoulder bags.

Turns out my bags are larger than the recommended 16 x 16 inches … oh well!

My `bag-instructions.pdf’ file (v.3.1) starts with a chain of 24; I’m now trying a chain of 22, to see how wide that’ll make the bag. Stay posted!

A pinwheel of sitting mats.

Some mats are all in one colour, some are a grab bag. A few, I put a broad central stripe of one colour, and then another for the rest. For example, the pink bags make a really striking contrast with the dark blue ones on either side. The sitting mats are generally 40 rows — so make the colours change every 8 rows or 5 rows … as I said — just play and see how it turns out.


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