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Shoulder bags — at the smaller size

Hi there. Last time I wrote, I was experimenting with the chain length that would get us to a (roughly) 16 x 16 in bag. Finally got those dimens and have written them up.

My test with a 22-stitch chain yielded a bag that was about 18-19 in. wide, so I went down to a 20-stitch chain, and that’s done the trick. Recall this is all with a no.7 hook, bags with 11 snips (about 1.25 in. wide, which is narrower than for mats), and a fairly tight tension.

So — here are the revised instructions (bag-instructions-4) and a photo with both recent tests. Left: chain 22 for an 18 x 18in bag. Right: chain 20 for a 16 x 16in bag.

Smaller bags.

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