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Working on your mats over the holidays

Hi, everyone! A bunch of little pointers as we wind down for the holidays and you’re working on your own … you may find one or two which might be useful reminders:.

  • remember to cut your strips wide enough — aim to make 9 cuts along the folded edge of the bag
  • before you start up on the next row, check that you’ve actually done the last stitch in the row you’re finishing
  • the loop(s) on your hook should be at least twice the diameter of the hook — to help, pinch the work just below your stitch with your left fingers (thumb and the 3rd/4th finger) to keep from pulling too hard
  • your stitches should be going under BOTH parts of the interwoven V-shape you can see on the top of each row
  • dc = double crochet = go under the V-shape, pull the plastic through so you have two loops on the hook, then fetch the plastic a second time, to go through BOTH loops on your hook — and you’re back down to one loop
  • when you have both loops on the hook, the first one you did moves you along horizontally, the second one determines the height of the row — so make that 2nd loop larger
  • don’t pull your plastic tight as you pull it through the loop or loops — the stitch won’t be pouffy … keep it loose and relaxed
  • it’s really hard to handle plastic when your hands are sweaty (!) so maybe stop for a break

And remember to have fun — this should be a relaxing activity that you pick up from time to time. If it frustrates you, time to put it down and come back later.

If you’ve got a useful tip or trick, why not add it here?

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