Another tweak to the many-bags-at-a-time step

This is further to the entry for 20 Feb. post, `Cutting those bags even faster!’, which is for cutting many bags at a time for the `hula’ stage.

I’d bought two sets of clips — metal with extender arms (more or less the same as those Danielle uses in her video) and also plastic ones, which don’t open as widely. So, with 12 clips available, I decided to make up 3 sets of 10 bags each, clip them carefully together, and then do all the same steps to the three sets: clip off the two corners, slit the bottoms, then proceed with cutting as in Danielle’s video.

The result: 30 bags all at the `hula’ stage in about 15 minutes, all set for when I sit down to watch TV and can mindlessly (!) cut each of them into the single long strip and start up again — another sitting mat, this time with Beatrice green and Sealtest navy blue. Should make a nice combo!


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