Speed crocheting — this is insane!

I subscribe to the e-newsletter for `Crochet Me’, a magazine. Not that I have time to do crochet with `real yarn’ 🙂 I just find it interesting stuff to sort of keep tabs on. If you’re interested, here’s the website.


Signing up for the newsletter can be done by going to the bottom of the page; look for the line that starts `Interweave  Advertise …’ and the newsletters option is at the end of that line. Interweave (the parent publisher) has a lot of newsletters, so take a look around. It’s very easy to subscribe and unsubscribe, I’ve found.

So, back to the `Crochet Me’ newsletter …

A few weeks ago, there was a link to a DVD with lessons for all kinds of tips and tricks, from Lilly Chin, a well-known crocheter. But it’s what she’s doing while she’s talking that had my jaw dropping. Check this out:


Isn’t that something?!


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