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Crocheting with plastic is everywhere!

Last entry, I wrote that I’d been poking around at sites about recycling plastic. Here’s one of the links I found. I think there are dozens of such sources — if you find some really good ones, pass them along!

Then, I found this link about women in a town in Gambie, who crochet plastic into small purses and other items — they do it to try and tackle the plastic bag garbage everywhere on the landscape. I’ve since sent this to someone in Uganda, and to people involved with volunteer activities in Haiti and Nigeria. i think everyone, everywhere, can find something useful to make, if they only had crochet hooks and scissors!

And if you do a google search on these words — youtube crochet plastic bags — you end up with something like 295,000 links to both videos and other web pages! Just follow a few and see what people are doing and where. It’s pretty darn amazing.

So,we’re not crazy to be wielding crochet hooks and cutting up plastic. There’s a whole community out there doing the same as us!

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