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… it’s been ages since …

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything (mid-April!) and so much has been going on since then … I’ll try to do some catch-up …

  • The school milkbag club finished the year with a grand total of 19 completed mats — and 7 or 8 that are over half finished! Several students made more than one — and one had 4 mats to her credit! In all, we had a core group of almost 20 students. Congratulations to everyone who came out, for only a few months to attending all year long. The club will continue for the intermediates (gr7/8) and a high school version will also start up this fall.
17 mats in one year!

17 of the 19 mats made this year!

  • Two of the 19 club mats had already been taken down to Haiti in late April by Mr Des Garvey, one of the directors of Nepean Outreach to the World (NOW). The remaining 17 were just recently packed up, along with a sleeping mat and two shoulder bags, to become part of a shipment of clothing and such that Mr Garvey is organising for some time in Sept.
  • Again with schools: I did monthly pick-ups of milkbags collected by one of the local elementary schools. From October 2012 till June 2013, a grand total of 9,984 milkbags! The teacher who introduced collecting for the milkbag project is returning this fall. We’re hopeful that a milkbag club can be started up there — perhaps even get some of the experienced high schoolers to come in and mentor them!
  • We’re also looking into the possibility of having monthly drop-ins at a local grocery store, to promote the crocheting of milkbags: there are still far more bags than people to crochet them. More when details become available (this would be in Barrhaven).

And that’s about it — the highlights of the past several months!

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