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Dec 9th at the Metro (Barrhaven)

Well, it’s another month — and another MMM (Metro Mat Marathon) at the local Metro (Woodroffe and Strandherd). We’ll be there, from 1 to 3pm, with mats and bags and scissors and a bunch of new people! Come join in — experienced or new to it all — everyone’s welcome.

Bring your 8mm or 9mm (I’m also likely to call them no.8 and no.9 but I think that’s not quite the same). In any event, a big crochet hook! We have a few extras until you can find one — wanna get you started as soon as possible 🙂

If you want a coffee, you have to pay at the main cash first, and then come back to the cafe area to pour a cup. Or … you might wander in with some from one of those other places around the area … !

In any event, see you on Monday!


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