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Moving into summer …

Well … once all the rain stops and our gardens become true green jungles … 🙂

Yeah! It’s almost summer! This is when crocheting milkbags easily takes a second seat to all kinds of other activities, so things usually slow down. On the other hand, if you’ve got children, you’re facing two months of summer holidays and may need to crochet something … ANYthing … just to get away from the `Mama! Mama!’ stuff … Either way, there will be more sleeping and sitting mats made, along with a few shoulder bags, by the time September rolls around again.

For us in Eastern Ontario, most of our crochet work is transported down by volunteers to Mississauga, where Canadian Food for Children (CFFC) has their massive warehouse. Every so often we hear about where shipments have been going; here’s a recent list (first 3 months of 2014):


I know it’s fuzzy but you get the idea — CFFC is sending hundreds of thousands of pounds of goods to many different countries. And they tell us that when someone brings the crocheted milkbag bags and mats, they’re greeted with great enthusiasm and delight. So, everything you do is very very appreciated — and shipped out very very quickly, sometimes directly from the vehicle into the next available shipping container. The CFFC website has a map and their hours of operation, if you ever want to see it all in person.

Locally, here in Barrhaven, the 2nd month of the month at the Metro (our `MMM’) continues. We now have sufficient milkbag supplies to last us the whole summer and so we are now asking that people take their milkbags directly to their local Metro’s plastic bag recycle bin. We can’t crochet them all! But that’s no reason to stop collecting milkbags! No milkbag needs to end up in a landfill. Instead of being crocheted, the recycled bags are shipped to facilities which prepare them for use in other plastic products — plastic lumber and other items made of recycled/reprocessed plastic.

So, enjoy the summer, keep crocheting those milkbags — and recycle the rest!

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