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Sept 10, 2014 — joining in to protect Net Neutrality

This is an unusual post — it’s about the very act of accessing this website … any website, in fact.

If you’re reading this, then you’ve already gone through the `Loading’ window, clicked on the yellow `Make it stop’ button and then the `Learn more and take action’ link … and perhaps you’ve even read some of the material in the new tab that opened up. Here’s a great link that only turns up towards the bottom of that page but you should take a look — caustic humour that won’t be unique to the American situation right now:

This aired in June; google the words `John Oliver net neutrality’ and you’ll find a lot of follow-up links. Today, 10 Sept. 2014, was chosen as a public day of protest. This website uses WordPress software, which will be a `slow lane’ candidate, if the US rules regarding internet providers allows them to split service into fast and slow `lanes’. WordPress has made that aggravating `Loading’ widget for us to show our support against such a two-tier system. Canada, it seems, is not following suit but as so many of the sites we visit are hosted/based in the US, we have no choice but to be aware of what’s happening there. Below is a link explaining the difference in Canada’s approach to the issue, dated today:

I’m not going to apologise for the inconvenience because it’s a stark example of what may lie ahead. We’ve seen the web become increasingly monetised, as they say (ever try to access a New York Times article?). There’s even a name for it: a paywall. Next step coming up: an enforced slow-down … unless the non-cable companies pay a premium to provide their content at the same speed as the cable companies. And we all know how patience has been thrown out the window when we encounter a site that’s `Still loading’ …

OK. Enough with the rant. Others have been doing it so much better. But I felt it was right to join in, even with such a little website as mine.


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