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Poster photo stories from the Eco-Fair 2014

Here are .pdf files for the various poster photo stories that were on display at the Milkbag Crochet booth for this year’s Eco-Fair.

Eco- Fair 2014 — 18 October

This year’s Eco-Fair will be at the Bell’s Corner’s United Church, 18 October from 10 till 3:30. For more information:

Turning plastic milkbags into sitting/sleeping mats and shoulder bags

Come see what happens after the bags have been collected, at school or work! Demonstrations throughout the day:

  • photos and posters on the whole Milkbag Crochet Project
  • tips on how to store bags efficiently
  • how to cut bags into strips
  • how to crochet strips into mats and bags
  • get a starter strip and kit
  • join a local group — or start your own!
  • bring your finished mats and bags
  • please do NOT bring milkbags — instead, take them to your local Metro store, where you’ll find bins for plastic bag recycling (ALL plastic bags, not just milkbags)

Print the poster from the weebly site; pass the word along; come out and find out about all kinds of activities and actions one can take to be a little more eco-conscious in daily life.

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