Call for Mats & Milkbags – plus towels, pillowcases, etc.

Here’s a message from Barbara Eade, asking for finished mats (and a bunch of other items), to be picked up in early May:

If you have flattened milkbags or finished mats or totes, 
would you possibly be able to get them to me or contact 
me soon (ideally this week?) 

Sometime soon, Anne Downey will be emptying my garage 
to bring a truckload of your bedmats and towels and blankets 
and pillowcases and pillowcase dresses to be shipped to 
those in need.  I wonder if some will get to Nepal?

With all the publicity lately on TV and the new weaving groups 
starting up, we are experiencing a significant shortage of 
milkbags.  I've been through a couple thousand in the last 
couple weeks and Anne would like a bunch to take with her to 
her group in Lindsay.  If you have any stored up that you 
want to get rid of now is the time - I may never ask again!

Flat bags in boxes are preferred.

Normally we collect only mats, totes & teddies, but for this 
shipment only we are accepting the following:

    Gently used and clean:
       -- sheers (draperies)
       -- towels (no holes)
       -- flannelette blankets
       -- pillowcases (for dresses)

Thanks so much for all you do! 
45 Evergreen Drive

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