Moving mats to Mississauga — halfway there

One step at a time, that’s how this is working out for mats coming from the Ottawa area. For mats intended for the charity Canadian Food for Children (CFFC), their warehouse in Mississauga is only open till noon — which makes it difficult if you leave Ottawa that morning. So there’s a growing network of drop-off locations that are part of the way to Mississauga. A map with 4 locations can be found here:

Sleeping mats should be rolled up and bound with 2 or 3 strips, to keep them that way. It’s the most efficient way to both move them around and to store them.

PLEASE NOTE: ALWAYS call or email ahead, to make arrangements. Everyone’s a volunteer — but even volunteers go on vacation, have other commitments, don’t have space for 200 mats at one time (!), and so on. Courtesy is our coin.

This map (courtesy of Brent Conway) is current as of April 2016.


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