Results of the big pick-up (29 April 2016)

Well, it was a lovely morning to be moving milkbag mats and bags around 🙂  In the end, there were 485 sleeping and sitting mats, and 36 totebags. Most were already on-site, but more came in with some of the volunteers — there were 11 of us in all.

With a team of people relaying the mats from the garage, and then handing them to two people in the bus, we filled it from floor to ceiling, front to back, in less than 2 hours, I think. With so many volunteers, it went quickly. The bus was one of those half-length ones, empty of any seats but one for the driver and a passenger.

The garage went from 2 floor-to-ceiling-high rows of `stuff’ to — empty! … for about 35 minutes. An SUV pulled up smartly and … oh boy … more. In fact, 68 more sleeping mats, from the Orleans side of town. Well … for a moment, we had a chance to see that the garage did indeed have a back wall … 🙂

This shipment of mats and bags went to CFFC’s Mississauga warehouse. With a never-ending supply of mats coming in, there’s sure to be another such pick-up in the next few months. In the meantime, though, we have to look for a new storage location — the garage needs to retire from this sort of thing 🙂

Here’s a little slide show of the morning’s work:

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  1. Posted by Keith Hart on July 5, 2016 at 5:43 pm

    We are an Ottawa company and we have approximately 300000 brand new milk bags we would like to donate, if interested please contact me […]. Keep up the good work


    • We have spread the word to a number of group coordinators, as well as individuals, and hope to see all 125 boxes (2,400 bags/box) picked up and kept out of the landfill. Thank you so much for letting us know about this opportunity!


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