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Milkbag weaving workshops

Milkbag weaving workshops being held in the Orleans (east) side of Ottawa:

  • second Thursday of the month (once a month)
  • 6255 Cumorah Dr – Church of Latter Day Saints
  • 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • contact:



How do you keep 300,000 milkbags out of the landfill?

This saga began 5 July, with a comment posted to my 11 May post. A company wanted to donate 300,000 milkbags — otherwise, 125 boxes (2,400 bags/box) would be sent to the landfill.

And the saga ended earlier today, with all of those boxes having been picked up by milkbag crocheters and weavers in the Ottawa area — and one from Toronto, who was just visiting … !

A huge thank-you goes out to ProSoya for considering this alternative to the landfill. And a huge thank-you to everyone who heard about the bags, drove out to Orleans, and took home a box or two (… or 35!), each one weighing about 38.5 lbs. You have all responded hugely, positively, graciously, and very, very generously.

So the answer to that question is — you spread the word to as many groups as you can, and ask each in turn to spread the word even further. And in the end, you realise that you’ve connected with an awful lot of really nice people.

Thank you, every one.

… now, if we could just find long-term storage and transportation solutions for all the marvellous mats and bags made from milkbags such as these …

You do realise that I’m fishing here for some really big-hearted and generous offers, eh … ūüôā

URGENT: drop-off correction for 15-17 July

Due to new construction, the travel directions to the Downeys (see post for 9 July, 2016) have been changed:

Anyone coming to Downey Road they are putting in a new culvert at the end of Downey and Rideau will have to come by Mitch Owens to Downey. 

PLEASE take note of the above change.

Shipment date for mats/bags

There’s a shipment of mats and bags being organised for 15-17 July, 2016, located in the Riverside South area:

    > Shipment loading/departing Address is
    > 5374 Downey Road, Gloucester  K1V 1C8
¬†¬†¬† > between Rideau Road and Mitch Owens … (closer to Rideau Rd.)
    > White house with peaked roof, lovely trimmed hedge around
    > property and Canadian flag flying. House is on the north side of
    > the road. Mats can be left on front or back porch. They will be
    > packing trailer on Sunday July 17th so are asking for deliveries
    > from Friday July 15th to Sunday July 17th.

Please respect these dates; ideally, try to get your mats/bags there on the Friday and Saturday, or by noon or so on Sunday. The delivery will go down to Peterborough, and then get transferred for the final stage to Mississauga.

Many thanks and much appreciation to all the volunteers who will be driving these long stages — and to the volunteers who will be bringing their mats and bags for this shipment to CFFC.

New drop off location for mats/bags

PLEASE NOTE: this location is now closed (as of August 2017). See entry for 18 June, 2017, for suggestion on what to do with your milkbags, if you can’t find a school or group who need bags.

I’m very very pleased to pass along the following information, from Mr James McLaren:

I can offer a new spot to drop off completed mats. It is in the trailer parked in the driveway at my house, 2459 Carlsen Ave. If the trailer happens to be away there is a deck box they can be put in. Please see the attachment for more information. This will work until the late fall (when I need my trailer for other things). At that point we’ll figure something out. I’m planning to take a load to Mississauga in late August.

This is roughly between the big Canada Post building (Heron/Riverside) and Heron/Bank. Thank you so much, Mr McLaren!


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