How do you keep 300,000 milkbags out of the landfill?

This saga began 5 July, with a comment posted to my 11 May post. A company wanted to donate 300,000 milkbags — otherwise, 125 boxes (2,400 bags/box) would be sent to the landfill.

And the saga ended earlier today, with all of those boxes having been picked up by milkbag crocheters and weavers in the Ottawa area — and one from Toronto, who was just visiting … !

A huge thank-you goes out to ProSoya for considering this alternative to the landfill. And a huge thank-you to everyone who heard about the bags, drove out to Orleans, and took home a box or two (… or 35!), each one weighing about 38.5 lbs. You have all responded hugely, positively, graciously, and very, very generously.

So the answer to that question is — you spread the word to as many groups as you can, and ask each in turn to spread the word even further. And in the end, you realise that you’ve connected with an awful lot of really nice people.

Thank you, every one.

… now, if we could just find long-term storage and transportation solutions for all the marvellous mats and bags made from milkbags such as these …

You do realise that I’m fishing here for some really big-hearted and generous offers, eh … 🙂


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  1. […] our huge windfall of new bags from ProSoya last July, where each full box contained 2,400 the same bag type (colour, style), these boxes are like […]


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