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No pillows with milkbag stuffing, please

This is a follow-up to a comment about pillows, posted on 1 August, 2016, where I wrote that “… the milkbag snippet stuffing will eventually get out of the cloth pillows (a seam breaks, the cloth rots, … ) and cause a great mess”.

Since that time, I’ve gotten in touch with local (Ottawa) charities, as well as the Humane Society — I’m afraid no-one wants to take these pillows, with their snippet stuffing. The Humane Society, I can understand — if a pillow were to burst, the plastic would be ingested, perhaps proving fatal.

I have about half a dozen on hand, so I’ll open them, remove the milkbag snippets, and then add them to unfilled pillow cases that were made by one of our local volunteers from her stash of material. She made a couple hundred at least, when we were all very enthusiastic about the idea. And while it’s disheartening to know all that time and energy (and supplies) have gone to naught, I’m still hopeful that the cases themselves can be passed on to Value Village or some other place, for someone to stuff with more traditional materials.

There are loads of sites that come up in response to googling the words

pillow stuffing types

Here’s just one:

Note, however, that microbeads have come under scrutiny recently. I like the flaxseed and millet options, further down on the page. I wonder if rice might also work …

In any event, I guess this is sort of like an `official’ announcement (not that I have any standing at all as an official person!) that pillows made with milkbag snippet stuffings are not being accepted, so please don’t make any more.




Mat drop-off location available

PLEASE NOTE: this location is now closed (as of August 2017).

This is a reminder that the drop-off location mentioned in an earlier post (9 July 2016):

is ready and waiting for your finished mats and bags.

The trailer is in Ottawa, just off Heron Rd, between Riverside and Bank; click here for .pdf with details. Loads of room, so please do start using this location. If the trailer isn’t there, a plastic deck box is also available.

Once enough items have arrived, Mr McLaren will do a delivery run down to either Peterborough or all the way to Mississauga. His truck has room for 700-800 mats!! That may take us a while to crochet and weave (!) so it’s possible the delivery will only go out later in the fall.

Stay tuned for updates.  And — thank you, Mr McLaren!

Results of mid-July pick-up

To finish off the story begun in the post for 9 July (2016), mats and bags — and a few teddy bears — from both the Ottawa and Renfrew areas were loaded up and driven down to the Peterborough area. Forgot to do an actual count of the Ottawa portion, pictured below.


Mats and bags from Ottawa-area milkbag groups

Once in Peterborough, everything was transferred to yet another pair of tremendous volunteers from the Kawartha Mission, who took them the rest of the way, to the CFFC warehouse in Mississauga.

  • 173 mats, both woven and crochet’d
  • 12 bags
  • 28 sitting mats
  • 6 dresses
  • some stuffed toys

As well, there were 121 pillows but these will be have to be redirected elsewhere as there is a concern that the milkbag snippet stuffing will eventually get out of the cloth pillows (a seam breaks, the cloth rots, … ) and cause a great mess. But there surely are some other options for both pillows already made … perhaps ask around to see what they might be.

All in all, a great haul for the early summer. Looking forward to making more and then organising another shipment for the fall. Always looking for volunteers who can store mats and bags between shipments — and of course, volunteers who can drive the stuff either all the way to Mississauga or to the half-way point in Peterborough.

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