No pillows with milkbag stuffing, please

This is a follow-up to a comment about pillows, posted on 1 August, 2016, where I wrote that “… the milkbag snippet stuffing will eventually get out of the cloth pillows (a seam breaks, the cloth rots, … ) and cause a great mess”.

Since that time, I’ve gotten in touch with local (Ottawa) charities, as well as the Humane Society — I’m afraid no-one wants to take these pillows, with their snippet stuffing. The Humane Society, I can understand — if a pillow were to burst, the plastic would be ingested, perhaps proving fatal.

I have about half a dozen on hand, so I’ll open them, remove the milkbag snippets, and then add them to unfilled pillow cases that were made by one of our local volunteers from her stash of material. She made a couple hundred at least, when we were all very enthusiastic about the idea. And while it’s disheartening to know all that time and energy (and supplies) have gone to naught, I’m still hopeful that the cases themselves can be passed on to Value Village or some other place, for someone to stuff with more traditional materials.

There are loads of sites that come up in response to googling the words

pillow stuffing types

Here’s just one:

Note, however, that microbeads have come under scrutiny recently. I like the flaxseed and millet options, further down on the page. I wonder if rice might also work …

In any event, I guess this is sort of like an `official’ announcement (not that I have any standing at all as an official person!) that pillows made with milkbag snippet stuffings are not being accepted, so please don’t make any more.





4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nancy on September 25, 2016 at 12:31 am

    I heard the homeless in Toronto love these pillow as long as they are not too big to carry around
    What about some of your shelters in Ottawa


    • I emailed several (but obviously not all of the possible charities) and no-one was interested. I think one would be better off actually going to them with a pillow in hand (and maybe also a mat) and showing them what they’re like. … but I can only do so much so someone else would have to undertake this task …


  2. Actually, I was thinking more of the pillows being stuffed here … that is, donate the empty cases I still have to Value Village, for local use and therefore local stuffing options. And yes, I think the answer is to not make pillows at all …


  3. Posted by Dr. John Kesthely on August 23, 2016 at 9:07 pm

    I don’t know what to say.. I know the stuffing is non-biodegradable but if you stuff them with rice, people are starving, they will definitely open them so get something to eat. The best scenario would be to have plastic recycling in our communities for the cut pieces.

    Maybe the solution is to not make pillows at all. I don’t know.




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