And they’re off … !

After various final drop-offs this past week, the trailer and truck filled with mats and bags has left for the CFFC warehouse in Mississauga!


There are probably well over 400 mats and bags in total, with deliveries from Barrhaven, Ottawa South, Orleans, as far away as Renfrew (!) — and many points in between. This has been a tremendous collecting point for us over the past half year and now all our efforts are on the road, heading out to help people in a lot of different places around the world. Thank yous go out to everyone involved!


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  1. If you can wait a little bit longer … maybe we’ll get a more accurate count once they’ve been off-loaded in the morning. Otherwise, sure, add 400. Just keep in mind that it’s not for all of Eastern Ontario — there are a lot of groups that take care of their own transportation to whatever charities they’re supporting. In short, I suspect Eastern Ontario’s producing an awful lot of mats, and many of them are flying below the radar, as it were, when it comes to being recognised for their work. So this delivery is just part of a larger picture.


  2. Posted by Dr. John Kesthely on December 19, 2016 at 12:56 am

    HI Christine,

    This is awesome. The weather looks clear for Dr. McLaren to drive to Toronto. I am thrilled to see this donation. I just want to ask.. May I put the 400 on the mat list I’ve got going here? I want to write up my 2016 update and I will add your number to the list if it is okay with you. Let me know, Angela



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