What to do with my milkbags?

This question has come up a few times recently. I’m in Barrhaven, so I can only speak about our area. Milkbag supplies seem to ebb and flow … and right now, we’ve got overflow! More than enough for our groups and local schools.

However, that’s little help to people who have been collecting and don’t want milkbags to go into the landfill. So I’ve done a little searching (aka googling 🙂 ), and found the following links for the Ottawa area:

That’s right — that last entry is from the City of Ottawa itself … even though the city does not allow plastic bags in their recycling blue box. Check out the list — and you’ll see that foremost of all are Metro grocery stores.

Here in Barrhaven, our Metro at Strandherd/Woodroffe has a large blue bin in the front area where the grocery carts are. Plastic bags are not just grocery bags and milkbags; as long as it’s stretchy (but not the cling-film/saran wrap stuff), it’s a plastic bag. So — bags for breads and buns, bags for veggies and fruit, the plastic wrapper around juice box packs and other mass-quantity items, cleaned ziploc deli bags, …

Put an empty plastic bag on your kitchen counter and you’ll be amazed at what’s in it by the end of a week!

As I said at the start, the supply of milkbags (at least for us) ebbs and flows. At some point, we’ll have gone through our supplies and will once again put out a call for bags. But for now, we have more than enough here.

ON THE OTHER HAND: If you or your group need bags, why not post a comment below, with your contact info. That way, those with bags can get in touch with you. Our goal, no matter what our supply status, is to ensure that these marvellous milkbag resources don’t go into the landfill. Sharing our information is the best way to match supply and demand.

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  1. Posted by Kristi Poirier on December 5, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    Hi, I collect milk bags. When you need some let me know.


    • Hello 🙂 Yes, I’d be interested in your bags. I have a school that’s been collecting bags and then sorting them into sets for us (a set is 25 bags of the same colour/make). Right now, they don’t have many — and I haven’t received many via one of the schools I work with), so yes, I’d be interested in your bags 🙂

      How many would you say you have?



  2. Thanks, Angela! We could use a `bag exchange’ site 🙂 Wouldn’t that be neat?! Well, failing that, people can use this space to do their trading.


  3. There is a large supply of new milk bags at Canadian Food For Children in Mississauga. People swap mats for milk bags and make more mats. If someone is delivering mats to Mississauga, they are welcome to take as many boxes of bags as they would like. Our count of mats from Milk Bags Unlimited is now almost 3000 for 2017. If you would like to add your number of mats to this count let me know. By keeping a record of how many mats we make, we can estimate how many milk bags we have kept out of our landfills. Keep up the good work, this project is a win win on many levels, Thanks, Angela Kesthely.. http://Www.milkbagsunlimited.ca


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