Transportation dates!! Deadlines: 19 July; 23/24 July

In the past 24 hours, I’ve had word of two transportation options coming up in the next 10 days:

1. 19 JULY deadline for Mr McLaren’s trailer — as many mats and shoulder/tote bags as can be delivered:

> Hi Christina
> I have to go to Toronto next Thursday, so the milk bag mats are
> going with me! The trailer is now almost completely full but if
> any completed mats are still out there people can bring them by
> my house anyway – the truck can hold quite a lot of them as
> well.
> —
> James McLaren

Address: 2459 Carlsen Ave., just off Heron (between Riverside Dr. and Bank St.)


2. 23/24 JULY deadline for Eva Downey’s trailer — limit of 40 mats:

> Christina –  Would 40 mats from you people be of any help. If
> so, we could accept them anytime. We leave on the 25th.
> Evangeline D.

Address: 5374 Downey Rd. (south of Earl Armstrong Rd, via Limebank and Rideau Rds.). Second house (white) on the right.


If you could post a comment below, saying how many you’re taking to which trailer, I’ll keep track.

As soon as Eva’s load has 40 mats, I’ll send word to everyone that her limit’s been reached and all remaining mats and bags should go to Mr McLaren’s trailer.

Wow! Two chances to get our mats and shoulder bags down to CFFC’s Mississauga warehouse before the end of July!! As they say, an embarrassment of riches :-))

Huge thank you’s to both of you for offering to take along our mats and shoulder bags in your trailers!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dr. John Kesthely on July 20, 2017 at 1:15 am

    Hi Christine,

    Did James take the mats to Canadian Food for Children on Tuesday? Any idea how many mats he took? I will put the number on my list if you know.

    We only have a few boxes of bags left at CFFC. I emailed my contact to ask for more bags, and he told me he would deliver more.. So this is good. We are going thru bags like crazy. I now have YMCA camps looking for bags as they are weaving in their summer camps. In the last 3 weeks we have sent over 700 mats.. The teachers have been coming and bringing their mats from their kids clubs. I also have a couple business groups that have been weaving for volunteer time.. Amazing, b/c these people have 2 frames (large 7 loop frames) and they are making about 45 mats a week.

    Anyway, I always enjoy your news, keep up the good work. Angela



    • Mr McLaren will be leaving on the 20th (tomorrow). I don’t know how many mats he’ll be taking but I can ask. Your numbers are simply staggering! Our big problem up here is getting transportation down to CFFC’s warehouse so we’re not expanding quite as rapidly as you 🙂 We still rely enormously on the kindness of volunteers, and their schedules.


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