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Successful shipments in July

Mat shipments have been very successful. Thank you to these most gracious volunteers, who’ve been willing to store and transport mats from the many individuals and small groups throughout the Ottawa area.

Mr McLaren took at least 350 mats down to CFFC’s Mississauga warehouse on 20 July. His
trailer, however, is no longer available, so please do not take anything over there until further notice.

> The mat delivery went well and they’re still very welcome but my
> trailer is being used for other things for now so I don’t have
> any space available for mats at my house.
> James

His mention of `they’re still very welcome’ refers to CFFC still welcoming the mats.

A few days later, Eva Downey took 42 mats down to the Peterborough area, handing them over to Marg and Bill, who were then taking them the rest of the way, to Mississauga.

A huge thank you, as always, from all of us, to these fabulous volunteer drivers!


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