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Newtonville drop-off location has ceased operations

This is to let everyone know that the drop-off location just off the 401 near Newtonville is no longer accepting any mats or bags. This was just about two-thirds of the way down to Mississauga, to the CFFC (Canadian Food for Children) warehouse.

Mike Loudfoot maintained a welcome drop-off point for many people over the years, accumulating mats until his truck was full, and then driving the remaining distance. This was a crucial location, as deliveries to the warehouse must be made before noon — which is next to impossible for most of Eastern Ontario volunteers to drive. Mike’s location made short work of that remaining leg of the journey.

Thank you, Mike, for all your dedication and contributions to transporting so many of our mats and bags to CFFC from all over Eastern Ontario. You’ve never met most of us in person, but most all of us know your name 🙂 Thank you.


NOTE: There are still 2 drop-off locations I’m aware of: # 1 and #3 (Mike’s was #2). See the map here.

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