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Colours in weaving milkbags

I haven’t talked about this before … but the whole concept of making striped mats, which we’ve been applying to our crochet’d sleeping and sitting mats for years, can also be done when weaving with milkbags.

Because the warp (the vertical stringers) aren’t visible once the weft (the stringers going from left to right and back again) is worked, there’s no need to do any special colour work when mounting stringers — it’ll just be buried! So use up colours you don’t care for or have too many of (hello, Neilson navy blue!) for the warp.

Now you’re starting to weave. Since the woven milkbags are quite puffy, stripes need to be fairly large in order to show — so don’t go trying to make multi-coloured plaids! If you’re using just two colours, the stripes can be the same width or varied — I’d be inclined to say that a 10cm wide stripe is about the minimum. How many mats would that take? Oh … that depends entirely on how you weave: how slack your rows are (think of the weft stringer going up and down like a sea serpent — don’t pull it tight!), and how tightly you `comb’ the weft, pulling the just-woven rows towards the already-woven rows, to make them sit snugly against one another. Not too tight — you end up with a mat that’s at least 5cm thick and very rigid! Not to slack either — you end up with a two-dimensional flat sheet of plastic, which has no cushioning value for a sleeper!

Anyways, back to colours. I don’t have have any photos to show right now but will add them as soon as I can. Or you can post your photos to add to the story.

Sewing your own Face mask

In these difficult times, people are thinking more and more of wearing a face mask. To that end, it makes more sense to make your own NON-medical mask and leave the real medical masks to our very beleaguered health care workers.

Like so many, I turned to the web to see what was out there. And after viewing a great many videos, I landed on these two — which have been garnering a great deal of positive feedback, judging by the comments.

Face mask with elastics:

Face mask with ties:


I made 4 of these masks — the ones with the ties. And by the end, I had also made a few adjustments in my techniques, which I’ve written up, as I’m not really a video-producing person … yet … !


Again, as Erica in the videos cautions, these are NON-medical masks. And her pattern is NOT for commercial use.

Stay safe … wash hands … keep 2m distance … don’t go out much … eventually, things will get better. History is replete with calamities … but humanity is still here 🙂

UPDATE: I’d like to post a link to an Ottawa-based website which has re-tooled its production of sports hijabs to making face masks (these _are_ a commercial product):

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