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Sewing your own Face mask

In these difficult times, people are thinking more and more of wearing a face mask. To that end, it makes more sense to make your own NON-medical mask and leave the real medical masks to our very beleaguered health care workers.

Like so many, I turned to the web to see what was out there. And after viewing a great many videos, I landed on these two — which have been garnering a great deal of positive feedback, judging by the comments.

Face mask with elastics:

Face mask with ties:


I made 4 of these masks — the ones with the ties. And by the end, I had also made a few adjustments in my techniques, which I’ve written up, as I’m not really a video-producing person … yet … !


Again, as Erica in the videos cautions, these are NON-medical masks. And her pattern is NOT for commercial use.

Stay safe … wash hands … keep 2m distance … don’t go out much … eventually, things will get better. History is replete with calamities … but humanity is still here 🙂

UPDATE: I’d like to post a link to an Ottawa-based website which has re-tooled its production of sports hijabs to making face masks (these _are_ a commercial product):

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