Gardening techniques

Here are some links for various garden tasks.

How to deep weed:

How to edge a garden bed:

How to make a tree berm:


Why not landscape cloth?

The subject comes up each time we talk about cutting down on weeds. After reading a good number of website reviews and reports of experiences, I don’t think it’s a good approach for a school. Landscape fabric is not a 100% guarantee of no more weeds; and it only works for a finite number of years (sometimes no more than 5). After that, there are weeds that have broken through but, to remove them, it is quite difficult to then not damage the fabric. As well, the fabric works its way up to the surface along the edges. I fear that undoing/refurbishing a bed with landscape fabric after a few years will be far more work than simply weeding around plants, which will eventually crowd out most of the weeds and grasses anyways. Applying a thick layer of mulch every few years, where needed, would be a better plan, I think.

How to plant in a mulched bed:

Couldn’t find a video for this one, so here are some instructions:

  • push the mulch away, to make a large clear area of soil
  • dig a hole as usual, trying to keep the soil separate from the mulsh
  • mix some bone meal at the bottom
  • put in the plant
  • pull the soil back and press down gently all around the plant
  • made a moat around the plant
  • water it gently
  • pull the mulch back around (and under the lower leaves)

And you’re done.


If you know of other links, especially videos, send your suggestions to: And if there’s a technique we should add, send that suggestion in too!


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