Bed 2 (almost square, with one flag pole [OCDSB flag])

General description

This almost square bed has one flagpole in it and 9 Pink Princess Potentilla shrubs. At present, 6 are showing some signs of green growth at their bases, while the 3 on the walkway/school side look quite dead.

13 May 2016

Right now:  On  the parking side of the bed, there’s a circle of purple grape hyacinth in full bloom, with purple and white fritillarias. Very pretty — and almost invisible from the school side, due to the 3 large dead shrubs.

To do:

  • Remove the dead shrubs; prune back dead growth on remaining shrubs.
  • Weed everywhere but the side with the circle of grape  hyacinth. Do not weed within that circle unless you really know how to distinguish between weeds and the fritillaria.

Potential for this bed: I think this is a bed we could have some fun with — just toss in annual flower seeds and have it become a riot of colours and shapes. No focus on school colours — just let it be a spot of chaotic colour 🙂

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