Bed 5 (traffic circle)

General description

The bed at the traffic circle is right behind the sign with the school name on it. Roughly circular in shape, it has a Dolgo Crab apple on the other side of the bed, across from the school sign. This bed is the furthest from the school, at the end of the path — and closest to public view. It currently has 1 small lilac and 2 Dwarf Mugo Pine shrubs. It is the second of the beds which have been brought to maintenance level. 

11 July 2016

This bed has been weeded and mulch put around existing plants. As well, tall iris (`New Tune‘ — donation) have been planted in a crescent around the central Mugo pine. Note: never put mulch on iris rhizomes — they need to be exposed to the sun. Dead growth and suckers have been removed from the crab apple.

Left to do:

  • plant `Autumn Joy’ sedum (kept on hold for this spot) in remaining open area
  • dig edging trench
  • weed area directly behind school sign
  • plant echinacea (kept on hold for this spot)
  • mulch remaining areas

13 May 2016

Right now: in bloom, there are purple creeping phlox, red and yellow tulips, yellow daffodils; coming up are two clumps of purple allium. Closest to the sign are 4 Russian sage, which are coming back — leafy growth starting at the base. Also primulas (red with yellow centres) growing across the bed, dividing the day lily section from the rest. The crab apple is starting to bloom.

To do:

  • Weeding (shake dirt off roots before lifting from the ground — reduce soil loss)
  • An edging trench around the whole bed needs to be re-done. As it’s a circle, perhaps good for a class: one person weeding, another behind them putting the weeds into a yard waste bag.
  • Dead growth can be trimmed from Russian sage, echinacea (3 plants in middle), and a cluster of other plants (dead growth is lying down) between tulips and daffodils. The dead leaves from the day lilies can also be removed.
  • At the base of the crab apple are many suckers coming straight up — these can be cut off as close to the ground as possible. As with almost all the other crabs, there is dead growth that needs to be cut away as well.
  • This bed has mulch that needs to be forked and revived.

 I’ve tried to add plants that span the seasons, from bulbs in spring till day lilies in August, with some perennials to fill in the rest of the time. It should look good at all times.

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