Bed 9 (under custodians’ window)

General description

This small, wedge-shaped bed is visible immediately as cars turn into the school’s main entry lane. It is located under the custodians’ window. It is the third of the beds which have been brought to maintenance level.ย 

5 June 2016

Now that we’ve had some rain (although much of this bed has been in the rainshadow — notice the dark/light patches on the back wall), the plants are looking more perky ๐Ÿ™‚ The hydrangeas along the walls are showing a lot of buds.

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3 June 2016

The marigolds are now all in (something like 18 or so). The bed is almost bone dry and a few plants are starting to look a bit droopy — whatever rain reached it last night only went down about half an inch. I’ll try to come on the weekend and water it well. The only thing left for this bed would be to add mulch (perhaps 2 bags’ worth?). I’ll add some photos as soon as possible.

2 June 2016

Began adding some plants, mostly annuals:

  • portulaca (one)
  • four o’clock (one)
  • stonecrop (perennial; 3 yellow `Czar’s Gold’)
  • marigolds (red)

31 May 2016

Weeded the bed — the soil is like dust so the roots come out very easily. Pruned the dead growth. Found a lot of mulch had collected in the trench, held in place by all the grass … so that reinforces my idea that once plants take hold, the wind won’t blow as much mulch away from this exposed spot. The recovered mulch was enough to cover most of the bare earth patches, albeit thinly. Perhaps add more mulch later in the summer, to make a much thicker layer. In terms of water, some of the plants (hydrangeas, for example) see to be thriving despite the dryness while others (echinacea, hostas) are clearly wilting.

To do:

  • water the bed thoroughly
  • add some annuals for colour; perhaps also add some more echinacea.

13 May 2016

Right now: white hydrangeas line the two walls and are showing good growth this spring. Earlier there were some daffodils. The annual poppies (fuschia pink) have seeded themselves out in small clusters and will provide a good show in June. There are also some hostas and echinacea coming back. A burning bush is in the centre but it looks like rabbits may have been at the branches.

To do:

  • Weeding (mostly grass).
  • Reshape the trench edging (as for Bed 5, at the traffic circle).
  • Remove dead stalks from plants.
  • Refresh the mulch.

This bed is the first one that people see when they turn into the school property and as such, should be kept looking nice. More daffodils could be planted. The mulch always blows away from this bed (it’s a windy corner) — my hope is that as the plants become larger, they will shelter the mulch from the winds. However, the bed also suffers from being in a dry rain shadow location, so perhaps encouraging students to empty their water bottles here might be an idea … ๐Ÿ™‚

As for plant sale material, the hydrangeas will spread via their roots, and so become another potential sale item.

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