Bed 3 and Bed 4 (northern end of path from traffic circle)

General description

Beds 3 and 4 are located on the other side of the main entry lane, marking the start of the path that heads towards the traffic circle (= Bed 5). They are the only beds that mirror one another. Each bed has a Dolgo Crabapple at its southern end, and then the central part of each bed is clear, with Red Osier Dogwoods on either side. The dogwoods actually extend beyond these beds, along the parking lot stretching out on each side. There’s a lamp post on the interlock stone, by the northern end of each bed.

13 May 2016

Right now: in the central open areas in both beds, there are two clumps of daffodils, now finished blooming, with another dogwood shrub at the northern end (nearest the front lane), and then at the edge of the lane, an earlier diagonal line of daffodil leaves (not sure if there were any blooms this year).

To do:

  • Other than these plants, the entire bed can be weeded without qualms. The daffodil leaves are slightly darker, more strappy — should be easy enough to distinguish from the tall grasses and general weeds. The dandelions in all the beds are very large — they’ve had very good growing conditions! Shovels should be used to ensure excavating the entire root.
  • The dogwoods in both the beds and those that extend beyond these beds, along the edge of the parking areas, need to be pruned back.

These are the only beds which are mirrors. It might be nice to eventually have purple and white lilacs on each side, making a kind of allee with school colours. This might also be a good space for some anchored benches, as there is shade on one side or the other throughout the day (other than at noon, of course).

Bed 3 (east side of path)

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Bed 4 (west side of path)

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Potential Allée, looking north and south

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