The Greening Committee

Greening Committee proposal to School Council (September/October ’13)

The proposal to school (parent) council to start up a Greening Committee: committee-proposal. Written for the Sept. meeting, it was delayed till the Oct. meeting and accepted in its broad outline. A liaison (Ken Medland) back to council was added, and one of the VPs (Greg Wysynski) to represent school administration was also added. Chief Custodian Don Moreland had also agreed to join.

Populating the Committee (8 May ’14)

The following outline was sent to the VP, to elicit teacher involvement (max. of two). Mrs Jane Craske and Ms Sharon Martinson volunteered. Committee membership is now as follows:

VP Greg Wysynski — to handle the `know the school and board rules’ end of things

Mrs Jane Craske and Ms Sharon Martinson — to connect curriculum elements — and student manpower — with the yard, its trees and plants

Mr Don Moreland — to be in the loop about what’s going on outside the building. Last year he quietly and generously took care of all the yard waste bags that we filled …

Mr Ken Medland — liaison back to parent council; he also has connections with the Green Committee at ACES

Ms Christina Thiele — me —

New committee member (14 May ’14)

Mr Ross Morrison — teacher who’s been involving his students in yard work, mainly in and around the Music Room entry area.

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