What’s on show right now?

All beds have been numbered, for ease of reference. If you spot something noteworthy — or have a picture — send it to ldhssgreening@gmail.com and I’ll post it as soon as possible.

16 Oct. 2016: On the west side of the building, there’s a beautiful orange-red maple. Here’s a photo, in case you missed it; the winds have blown most of the leaves down this past weekend. And in the Grad Garden (Bed 6), there are still some striking patches of colour to be seen.

Flaming fall foliage


Colour clumps in the Grad Garden

12 Sept. 2016: Again, two features to check out in the front courtyard area.
  • The long bed is now one-quarter done! From weeding to new soil, plants, and then mulch — it’s time to show off what volunteer students and parents have been preparing during the month of August!

First section done!

  • The second feature of note is the re-blooming of the blue delphinium in the centre of the tidied up Grad Garden (Bed 6).

Over in Bed 1 (across the courtyard from Bed 6), the tall purple phlox are coming to an end, as are the various clumps of yellow rudbeckia.

31 August 2016: Right now, there are two highlights out in the yard at Longfields — the long bed and the crab apples!
  • The long bed (Bed 8) has finally been weeded from one end to the other! The saga of Saturday morning yard work sessions with student and parent volunteers (thank you so much!) can be found on this page with status reports 6 August through the 27th, including slide shows of our progress.


  • The crab apples are ripe! Indeed, they’re now heading into over-ripe. Some day I’d love to see us organise something like a canning bee (!), and turn all those lovely sour fruit into products that could be sold by the school or given away as unique souvenirs of Longfields! Some day …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

23 August 2016: Most of the flowers have finished their blooms. However, the Russian Sage in Bed 5 (out by the traffic circle) is non-stop whisps of pale purple fronds. And while it may seem odd, Bed 8 (the long bed in front of the school) is quite a sight these days — the dead brown branches in the shrubs have been removed and almost all the weeds are gone! It’s looking close to civilized (!), with green shrubs on a dark brown (in most places) dirt background 🙂  Thank you to the many volunteers, students and parents, who’ve been coming out this month to make the difference.

26 June 2016: There are fabulous orange day lilies in bloom in the bed between the music room entrance and the shop entrance. As well, in Bed 1 by the front door, Brown Eyed Susans are starting to pop up in several places. The hydrangeas in Bed 5 are beginning to show their buds — the plants under the window are looking very healthy while the ones further along the wall are suffering from the heat and lack of water.

17 June 2016: The Grad Garden — the annual fuschia pink poppies to the right are starting to bloom. They look spectacular!  The lychnis (far left) are coming up, in deep fuschia pink and white. And in the middle, dark blue delphiniums. Put yourself in a photo, in front of whatever colour you like!

7 June 2016: The Grad Garden — all of it 🙂 Bits of colour throughout the bed, along with a wide variety of greenery.

2 June 2016: In the Grad Garden (Bed 6), the lychnis are starting to show their deep fuschia pink colours.

29 May 2016: At the traffic circle (Bed 5), tall balls of purple allium are in bloom. And the crab apple show is over — all the petals have been blown off. The crab apples themselves are usually ready by late August.

24 May 2016: All the crab apple trees in the front (southern) area of the school are in bloom — simply spectacular! Beautiful large blobs of white blossoms … and then there’s the carpet of yellow dandelions below 🙂

20 May 2016: In Bed 1 (outside the front entry, to the right), you’ll see lots of spring colours — go see them while they last, which won’t be long, once the hot days start up. On show are blue forget-me-nots, pink bleeding heart (hard to spot, under one of the birch trees), and mini-iris in purple, white, and yellow.

In Bed 2 (the one just past Bed 1), on the handicapped parking side, you can still see a circle of purple grape hyacinth, with some purple and white fritillaria — bend down to spot the checkerboard pattern on the petals!

And out at the traffic circle, Bed 5 still has red and yellow tulips in bloom.




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