Links to more of my eclectic interests …

TeX Users Group (TUG):

Astronomy Picture-of-the-Day (APOD):

Making a difference:

Learning Mandarin:

Cycling info for women:

Dry stone wall building:

TED talks I like:

Far and Wide:

Helping Hands Northumberland (formerly Helping Hands Cobourg): these monthly newsletters are from a volunteer group in Cobourg, Ontario. While they do have a Facebook page (HelpingHandsCobourg), they have no website and distribute their newsletters by email. I thought it might nice to make their newsletters more accessible. As of March 2018, the name was changed, to reflect the larger area being served.

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April 2016 Ξ May 2016 Ξ June 2016 Ξ July 2016 Ξ August 2016 Ξ September 2016 Ξ October 2016  Ξ November 2016 Ξ December 2016 Ξ


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