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Colours in weaving milkbags

I haven’t talked about this before — but the whole concept of making striped mats, which we’ve been applying to our crochet’d sleeping and sitting mats for years, can also be done when weaving with milkbags. And of course, the stripes are in the horizontal direction, not the vertical.

Because the warp (the vertical stringers) aren’t visible once the weft (the stringers going from left to right and back again) is worked, there’s no need to do any special colour work — it’ll just be buried! So use up colours you don’t care for or have too many of (hello, Neilson navy blue!) for the warp.

Now you’re starting to weave. Since the woven milkbags are quite puffy, stripes need to be fairly large in order to show — so don’t go trying to make multi-coloured plaids! If you’re using just two colours, the stripes can be the same width or varied — I’d be inclined to say that a 10cm wide stripe is about the minimum. How many mats would that take? Oh — that depends entirely on how you weave: how slack your rows are (think of the weft stringer going up and down like a sea serpent — don’t pull it tight!), and how tightly you `comb’ the weft, pulling the just-woven rows towards the already-woven rows, to make them sit snugly against one another. Not too tight — you end up with a mat that’s at least 5cm thick and very rigid! Not to slack either — you end up with a two-dimensional flat sheet of plastic, which has no cushioning value for a sleeper!

Anyways, back to colours. I don’t have have any photos to show right now but will add them as soon as I can. Or you can post your photos to add to the story.

If you’ve got another way to use colour when weaving with milkbags, add your comments (and a photo!), to give people more ideas to play with.

Sitting mat slide show

This is a test, to see if I can get the slideshow feature to work — I’m using photos of sitting mats I’ve made over the past several weeks. I’m hoping that a slideshow will give a better idea of what playing with colour can yield.

One thing to note: each strip has a `white’ end (from the top of the bag) and a coloured end. I attach like to like: if I end with the white part, I start the next strip at its white end as well. This leads to some interesting variegated effects, as you can see in some of the bags. You just never know what you’ll end up with!

Hover over the bottom centre of the image to get navigation buttons: back / pause / forward. The captions are in white and not always easy to read quickly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Using colour is great fun. And it’s funny how you want to keep going, to finish one band of colour so you can get to the next — and before you know it, the mats done! These sitting mats are generally 38-40 st wide and 38-40 rows high/long… they’re almost all a couple of inches wider/taller than the 2-ft sq. target. But at any size — even the longer sleeping mats — playing with colour bands and stripes makes things go so quickly … !

Who knew plastic milkbags could give such creative scope to this ever-so-worthwhile project!

Shoulder bags — at the smaller size

Hi there. Last time I wrote, I was experimenting with the chain length that would get us to a (roughly) 16 x 16 in bag. Finally got those dimens and have written them up.

My test with a 22-stitch chain yielded a bag that was about 18-19 in. wide, so I went down to a 20-stitch chain, and that’s done the trick. Recall this is all with a no.7 hook, bags with 11 snips (about 1.25 in. wide, which is narrower than for mats), and a fairly tight tension.

So — here are the revised instructions (bag-instructions-4) and a photo with both recent tests. Left: chain 22 for an 18 x 18in bag. Right: chain 20 for a 16 x 16in bag.

Smaller bags.

A productive year

I had to finally `give up’ all the mats and bags I’d been crocheting for the past year — taking up too much space … and it was time. So I took ’em all outside a couple of weekends ago, to take a few photos of such a gaudy display in the fall garden 🙂  My tally: 2 sleeping mats, 17 sitting mats, and 14 shoulder bags … no wonder they weren’t able to hide anymore behind my wingback chair! I’ve kept a few bags back as they’re just too handy for storing supplies and teaching materials. It’s easier to see the different patterns in the mats, which were also laid out in a swirl pattern.

I’ve had fun, that’s for sure. And it’s still fun — my latest bag’s going to have a red base, some other colour for the main part, and I think red again for the top rows and shoulder straps. So, keep crocheting, play with colours, and and pass the pleasure along.

A pinwheel of shoulder bags.

Turns out my bags are larger than the recommended 16 x 16 inches … oh well!

My `bag-instructions.pdf’ file (v.3.1) starts with a chain of 24; I’m now trying a chain of 22, to see how wide that’ll make the bag. Stay posted!

A pinwheel of sitting mats.

Some mats are all in one colour, some are a grab bag. A few, I put a broad central stripe of one colour, and then another for the rest. For example, the pink bags make a really striking contrast with the dark blue ones on either side. The sitting mats are generally 40 rows — so make the colours change every 8 rows or 5 rows … as I said — just play and see how it turns out.

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