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Newtonville drop-off location has ceased operations

This is to let everyone know that the drop-off location just off the 401 near Newtonville is no longer accepting any mats or bags. This was just about two-thirds of the way down to Mississauga, to the CFFC (Canadian Food for Children) warehouse.

Mike Loudfoot maintained a welcome drop-off point for many people over the years, accumulating mats until his truck was full, and then driving the remaining distance. This was a crucial location, as deliveries to the warehouse must be made before noon — which is next to impossible for most of Eastern Ontario volunteers to drive. Mike’s location made short work of that remaining leg of the journey.

Thank you, Mike, for all your dedication and contributions to transporting so many of our mats and bags to CFFC from all over Eastern Ontario. You’ve never met most of us in person, but most all of us know your name 🙂 Thank you.


NOTE: There are still 2 drop-off locations I’m aware of: # 1 and #3 (Mike’s was #2). See the map here.

Updated map with drop-off locations

Hi, everyone. Here’s the link to an updated map with drop-off locations in southern Ontario:

As always, please contact them beforehand, to make sure the time and day you choose will work for the person — just like us, they’re volunteers.

Thank you Angela, Mike, and Bill and Marg for being so generous with your time and your place, for staging the transfer of milkbag mats and bags down to the CFFC (Canadian Food for Children) warehouse. We are always so very grateful for your key roles in the transportation chain!

And thanks of course to Brent, who created this map in the first place.

Transportation dates!! Deadlines: 19 July; 23/24 July

In the past 24 hours, I’ve had word of two transportation options coming up in the next 10 days:

1. 19 JULY deadline for Mr McLaren’s trailer — as many mats and shoulder/tote bags as can be delivered:

> Hi Christina
> I have to go to Toronto next Thursday, so the milk bag mats are
> going with me! The trailer is now almost completely full but if
> any completed mats are still out there people can bring them by
> my house anyway – the truck can hold quite a lot of them as
> well.
> —
> James McLaren

Address: 2459 Carlsen Ave., just off Heron (between Riverside Dr. and Bank St.)


2. 23/24 JULY deadline for Eva Downey’s trailer — limit of 40 mats:

> Christina –  Would 40 mats from you people be of any help. If
> so, we could accept them anytime. We leave on the 25th.
> Evangeline D.

Address: 5374 Downey Rd. (south of Earl Armstrong Rd, via Limebank and Rideau Rds.). Second house (white) on the right.


If you could post a comment below, saying how many you’re taking to which trailer, I’ll keep track.

As soon as Eva’s load has 40 mats, I’ll send word to everyone that her limit’s been reached and all remaining mats and bags should go to Mr McLaren’s trailer.

Wow! Two chances to get our mats and shoulder bags down to CFFC’s Mississauga warehouse before the end of July!! As they say, an embarrassment of riches :-))

Huge thank you’s to both of you for offering to take along our mats and shoulder bags in your trailers!

Drop-off location now available

PLEASE NOTE: this location is now closed (as of August 2017).

Mr McLaren has once again invited us to use his trailer to drop off finished mats and bags. We can’t thank him enough for this continued generosity!

Location: 2459 Carlsen Ave., Ottawa (just off Heron, between Bronson and Bank).

Map: click here for a .pdf map to print.

Google map:–YywAw . Note that there are tree branches overhanging the street sign (south side of Heron) so you may want to do a `Satellite’ view of the Google map.

PLEASE REMEMBER to note your delivery details on the sheet inside the trailer door.

Here are some photos (courtesy of Jan Willis) of a 21 April delivery — adding 25 to the 78 already there (total 103). We’re off to a terrific start this spring!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Final drop-off for 2016: Dec 17

Hi, everyone. Well, we’re now into December and Mr McLaren will be getting ready to take his trailer down to Mississauga and the CFFC (Canadian Food for Children) warehouse, with a stop-over in Lindsay to drop items off for Anne Downey. He’d like all deliveries made to the trailer by Saturday, 17 December; he will be heading out the next day, 18 Dec., unless the weather’s bad.

Anne Downey has passed along her wish-list of items; these will be added last to the trailer, so they’ll be easy to find and unload. So here’s Anne’s list:

  • baby things: blankets, sleepers, onesies, clothes, sweaters, etc
  • good used towels, flannel sheets; textiles in general
  • warm clothes
  • winter clothes

Please mark all boxes for Anne Downey with `LINDSAY, so they’re easily identified in the trailer load.

Click on this link for a .pdf map of the drop-off-location. Note that there’s a tree that obscures the street sign (when you’re heading east on Heron Rd.). There’s a tally sheet taped to the inside of the trailer door; please take the time to write how many mats/bags you’ve added, as well as noting any boxes for the Lindsay drop-off. At present, there are about 200 mats.

This will be the last time for Mr McLaren’s trailer this winter. We will have to make other arrangements until either it or another location becomes available next spring, so if you can, hold on to your finished mats and bags. Perhaps share the storage load with a few friends. If anyone has space to offer, please leave a message here in the Comments area.

So – 2 more weeks to get things finished! Thanks, everyone, for making this a really successful drop-off location! And thank you especially, Mr McLaren, for having offered it to us this year – it’s been a marvelous space.

Mat drop-off location available

PLEASE NOTE: this location is now closed (as of August 2017).

This is a reminder that the drop-off location mentioned in an earlier post (9 July 2016):

is ready and waiting for your finished mats and bags.

The trailer is in Ottawa, just off Heron Rd, between Riverside and Bank; click here for .pdf with details. Loads of room, so please do start using this location. If the trailer isn’t there, a plastic deck box is also available.

Once enough items have arrived, Mr McLaren will do a delivery run down to either Peterborough or all the way to Mississauga. His truck has room for 700-800 mats!! That may take us a while to crochet and weave (!) so it’s possible the delivery will only go out later in the fall.

Stay tuned for updates.  And — thank you, Mr McLaren!

URGENT: drop-off correction for 15-17 July

Due to new construction, the travel directions to the Downeys (see post for 9 July, 2016) have been changed:

Anyone coming to Downey Road they are putting in a new culvert at the end of Downey and Rideau will have to come by Mitch Owens to Downey. 

PLEASE take note of the above change.

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