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Transportation dates!! Deadlines: 19 July; 23/24 July

In the past 24 hours, I’ve had word of two transportation options coming up in the next 10 days:

1. 19 JULY deadline for Mr McLaren’s trailer — as many mats and shoulder/tote bags as can be delivered:

> Hi Christina
> I have to go to Toronto next Thursday, so the milk bag mats are
> going with me! The trailer is now almost completely full but if
> any completed mats are still out there people can bring them by
> my house anyway – the truck can hold quite a lot of them as
> well.
> —
> James McLaren

Address: 2459 Carlsen Ave., just off Heron (between Riverside Dr. and Bank St.)


2. 23/24 JULY deadline for Eva Downey’s trailer — limit of 40 mats:

> Christina –  Would 40 mats from you people be of any help. If
> so, we could accept them anytime. We leave on the 25th.
> Evangeline D.

Address: 5374 Downey Rd. (south of Earl Armstrong Rd, via Limebank and Rideau Rds.). Second house (white) on the right.


If you could post a comment below, saying how many you’re taking to which trailer, I’ll keep track.

As soon as Eva’s load has 40 mats, I’ll send word to everyone that her limit’s been reached and all remaining mats and bags should go to Mr McLaren’s trailer.

Wow! Two chances to get our mats and shoulder bags down to CFFC’s Mississauga warehouse before the end of July!! As they say, an embarrassment of riches :-))

Huge thank you’s to both of you for offering to take along our mats and shoulder bags in your trailers!


Results of mid-July pick-up

To finish off the story begun in the post for 9 July (2016), mats and bags — and a few teddy bears — from both the Ottawa and Renfrew areas were loaded up and driven down to the Peterborough area. Forgot to do an actual count of the Ottawa portion, pictured below.


Mats and bags from Ottawa-area milkbag groups

Once in Peterborough, everything was transferred to yet another pair of tremendous volunteers from the Kawartha Mission, who took them the rest of the way, to the CFFC warehouse in Mississauga.

  • 173 mats, both woven and crochet’d
  • 12 bags
  • 28 sitting mats
  • 6 dresses
  • some stuffed toys

As well, there were 121 pillows but these will be have to be redirected elsewhere as there is a concern that the milkbag snippet stuffing will eventually get out of the cloth pillows (a seam breaks, the cloth rots, … ) and cause a great mess. But there surely are some other options for both pillows already made … perhaps ask around to see what they might be.

All in all, a great haul for the early summer. Looking forward to making more and then organising another shipment for the fall. Always looking for volunteers who can store mats and bags between shipments — and of course, volunteers who can drive the stuff either all the way to Mississauga or to the half-way point in Peterborough.

Results of the big pick-up (29 April 2016)

Well, it was a lovely morning to be moving milkbag mats and bags around 🙂  In the end, there were 485 sleeping and sitting mats, and 36 totebags. Most were already on-site, but more came in with some of the volunteers — there were 11 of us in all.

With a team of people relaying the mats from the garage, and then handing them to two people in the bus, we filled it from floor to ceiling, front to back, in less than 2 hours, I think. With so many volunteers, it went quickly. The bus was one of those half-length ones, empty of any seats but one for the driver and a passenger.

The garage went from 2 floor-to-ceiling-high rows of `stuff’ to — empty! … for about 35 minutes. An SUV pulled up smartly and … oh boy … more. In fact, 68 more sleeping mats, from the Orleans side of town. Well … for a moment, we had a chance to see that the garage did indeed have a back wall … 🙂

This shipment of mats and bags went to CFFC’s Mississauga warehouse. With a never-ending supply of mats coming in, there’s sure to be another such pick-up in the next few months. In the meantime, though, we have to look for a new storage location — the garage needs to retire from this sort of thing 🙂

Here’s a little slide show of the morning’s work:

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