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All gone …

Well, it took more than a few weeks to finally pick up all the boxes of new milkbags from Mr McLaren’s. But it’s done. For the Ottawa area, that means we have a lot of supplies available for more than just our Barrhaven group. Lots more! Again, we thank Mr McLaren for the use of his trailer over the past half year, for his having driven 450 to 500 mats and bags down to the CFFC’s Mississauga warehouse, for bringing back 71 boxes, and for his patience while we were finding homes for those boxes. And thanks also go to the many people who drove out over the Christmas holidays, not always on the bright sunny days (!), to then store them in their basements.

Unlike our huge windfall of new bags from ProSoya last July, where each full box contained 2,400 the same bag type (colour, style), these boxes are like Christmas surprises. Not all boxes have the same type of bundles, not all bundles are full (400 bags), and they’re from a variety of manufacturers: Beatrice, Dairyland, Natrel, Neilson, Northumberland, Quebon, Sealtest … a really nice mix.

For weavers, here’s a chance to try out different colour combinations and techniques for making stripes … plaids … is it even possible to weave vertical strips?!  I’d love to post pictures of what you come up with!

For supplies, contact me directly: .


Next meeting for milkbag crocheters — Nov. 11

The next meeting for people who want to learn how to crochet milkbags — or just come and be with other like-minded crocheters 🙂 — will be on Nov. 11, from 1 to 3pm, at the Woodroffe/Strandherd Metro store (the store will be closed until 12:30, to observe Remembrance Day). We meet in the small cafe, tucked in behind the Take Out Food counter; follow the signs.

While it’s always nice to have your own (sharp) pair of scissors and crochet hook (size 8 or 9mm — this link shows comparisons of UK/Canadian, US, and metric sizing),  we will have these on hand, to get you started. And, of course, we have plenty of milkbags, already sorted by colour. If you do have milkbags, bring them for the Metro’s plastic bag recycle bin — no need for any milkbags to ever go into the regular garbage!

We have samples of sitting mats (roughly 2 x 2 ft), sleeping mats (3 x 5-6 ft for adults, 3 x 4 ft for children), and shoulder bags, so you can choose what you’d like to undertake.

Meetings are the 2nd Monday of every month. The meeting after this will be Dec. 9.

Come out and see the surprising things that a milkbag can be turned into!

Source for crochet hooks

I’ve found another source for crochet hooks — Yarn Forward. They have a store in Kanata (on Hazeldean) and in Ottawa south (on Bank). They’re selling the 8mm by Aero for 2.25, which is pretty good. Their website:

Where to get crochet hooks

I’ve found that Michael’s doesn’t seem to carry the no.8 hook on its own. However, there’s a place called Wool-Tyme, on Colonade Rd South, which has _every_ size! Not as cheap as Michael’s, though.

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